About Us

Volunteer . Grow . Lead .

GoGive Time is a location-based volunteering platform that allows students and professionals to give their time to organizations working within communities, where they live, work or socialize, while generating social currency. This social currency accumulates over time based on volunteer hours and gives them opportunities for personal and professional growth in the form of leadership development and future job opportunities.

It is our goal to support upcoming generations to Volunteer, Grow and Lead. As volunteers you have an invaluable connection with your immediate communities, enough to foster community development. Ready to GoGive Time?

Core Values


GoGive Time is committed to creating space for women to thrive. We partner with organisations that support the value we place on women leaders.


GoGive Time values the safety and wellbeing of volunteers and community members. We believe the volunteer experience enables students, professionals, and organisations to give back meaningfully to society.


Organizations sign up for group volunteering opportunities with NGOs and community-based organisations in a structured manner. GoGive Time’s partner organisations have the opportunity to match their staff with the most appropriate opportunities at a community level in order to:


  • Help their workforce develop new skills
  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility & sustainability initiatives
  • Nurture future leaders


Professionals will earn social currency through volunteer hours, which will give them the opportunity to be mentored as leaders and eventually become leadership mentors themselves. Key benefits include:


  • Build up their skill set for future job opportunities
  • Earn prizes and badges through hours of service
  • Receive technical support from GoGive Time


Students will have the means to gain valuable experience, thereby overcoming the conundrum of not having enough experience to break into the job market. Students will be able to:


  • Build up their skill set for future job opportunities
  • Earn prizes and badges through hours of service
  • Receive leadership mentoring


GoGive Time provides communities with a locally-tailored, demand-driven response meeting their needs (including disaster response). GoGive Time aims to create a sustainable ecosystem in which communities are enabled to tap into the available technical and leadership resources at minimal cost. Communities will be able to:


  • Meet their development needs at low cost
  • Take charge of their own development by specifying the type of human capital they need
  • Contribute to locally-grown leadership development