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Are you thrilled about supporting education in Ghana? Do you want to see practical STEM become a norm in our schools? Then GiveTime on GH4STEM is just for you! GiveTime on GH4STEM is the volunteer platform developed to support the GH4STEM agenda, a social initiative that seeks to make practical STEM a norm in our schools, while giving the youth an opportunity to give back or support a worthy cause in the Ghanaian education field. With GiveTime on GH4STEM, as you share posts and information on the GH4STEM JUNEOS Challenge, you can help spread the word and create awareness on the need for Practical STEM learning in schools. As a volunteer you stand a chance to earn 5 points for every post/link you share, stars for every assignment you complete, community shields for bringing on other volunteers, certificates and recommendation that can be linked to your LinkedIn account or printed for personal use. WHAT’S YOUR ROLE? It’s very simple! 6 Daily posts that you’ll need to share …

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