GoGive Time Press: Help Us Launch GoGive Time

Hi there,

We are GoGive Time, an organisation that promotes volunteering among young people in Ghana. 

We believe that volunteering is an essential tool that can be used to tackle national and developmental issues in Ghana. By creating opportunities for everyone irrespective of their background.

As part of our work, we highlight the work of young volunteers across Ghana through our #100-Volunteer Stories Project

We believe that when we combine technology, volunteering opportunities and young people there is nothing we cannot achieve.

That is why we are launching GoGive Time, a location-based volunteering app that allows young people to volunteer in the communities they live, work and socialise.

We have started a fundraising campaign to help us launch GoGive Time Beta. 

We would be most grateful if you can support GoGive Time by making a donation to our Gofundme or through our MTN Mobile Money on the number 0559011075. No amount is too little. 

Thank you for your time and your generosity in advance. You can reach out to us on 0559011075 or Info@gogivetime.org with any ideas you may have.

Thanks for your generosity in advance

Much Gratitude

The GoGive Time Team

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