GoGive Time Press: How to Make Volunteer Work For You with Eduspots

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On Friday 30th July 2021, our Programs Manager Kofi Konadu Berko had the opportunity to interact with volunteers from Eduspots to share insights on how to benefit from their volunteer work.

It was a great session where he shared 8 tips that helps volunteers to make the most of their time volunteering. If you missed it, here they are:

  1. Tip #1 – Network ( Learning From Senam‘s volunteer experience)

2. Tip #2 – Learn and Explore (Learning from Sedinam‘s volunteer experience)

3. Tip #3 – Be Innovative (Learning from Mariama‘s volunteer experience)

4. Tip #4 – Document Your Experience using social media

5. Tip #5 – Always update your CV (Learning from Philip‘s volunteer experience)

6. Tip #6 – Treat Your Beneficiaries Well (Learning from Collins‘ volunteer experience)

7. Tip #7 – Don’t be Afraid to Get Out if Volunteering isn’t Working for You

8. Tip #8 – Leave A Mark in the Lives of People. Be Memorable (Learning from Sandra‘s volunteer experience)

We hope you have learnt something new. Do reach out to us via info@gogivetime.org for any assistance

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