Volunteer Stories: Giving Time during a pandemic?

Volunteers giving their time all around the world have been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Particularly, volunteers and community leaders working in education have had to halt their activities; in 166 countries worldwide, schools have closed down in an effort to limit the spread of the virus. In Ghana, with a few exceptions, activities in many schools have been slowed or come to total a halt. This means teachers, volunteers and community leaders have been forced to find new and innovative ways of providing support for school children especially those in low-income areas. At GoGive Time, we love to tell the stories of those who give their time. Thus, we shine the light on some amazing young women and men who are finding new ways to volunteer their time and give back to their immediate communities even during a pandemic.

 In our new series, we highlight the efforts of a group of Lead for Ghana (LFG) fellows and volunteers as they continue to do what they do best – giving time – even within the confines of an ongoing pandemic. The Lead for Ghana (LFG) program is a community of young university graduates and young professionals from varied disciplines, that combine their strengths and resources to change the educational trajectory of children in low-income communities. In the spirit of positive change and community leadership, fellows at LFG, stationed in different communities across Ghana, continue to work to support their volunteer communities in diverse ways! In this upcoming series, we highlight the efforts of these volunteers as they support their volunteer communities in their fight against the Coronavirus and help spread a whole lot of positivity and love throughout these communities.

Stay with us!

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