Volunteer Stories: Giving Time Through Leadership

Some years ago, a young man found out a Gospel artiste was organising a Health Screening programme in his community. On the day he got dressed, walked to the premises and offered his assistance. Why? He just wanted help!

Meet that young man, Richard Kofi Mireku Asiamah. He has been serving others as long as he can remember. As a student, he voluntarily helped his classmates with their assignments, explaining mathematical concepts and assisting with revision before examination. During his vacation, he visited schools like Polypet Academy and Merton International School to teach students at the school.

A teacher at heart, Richard has continued his selfless ways, at KNUST where he studies presently. He organises tutorial sessions to assist his mates with course work. That aside, he has held positions as President of the Electrical/Electronic Engineering Students’ Association, Academic Board Chairperson of the Ghana Engineering Students’ Association and also serves as the PRO of the KNUST SRC Electoral Commission all in a bid to help his fellow students.

In 2020, he and his colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of KNUST combined their resources to donate to students of Kotei JHS in Kumasi. Richard, assisted by other Department Presidents and Class Representatives, rallied students in his faculty to donate GHS 2 to the cause. Amazingly, they did! With the funds collected, they donated Veronica buckets, sanitizers, nose masks, exercise books, textbooks, pens and math sets to students of Kotei JHS. These students were glad to receive the items and their headmistress was grateful to Richard and his colleagues. Richard and team also advised the students on the importance of education and answered questions the students had about life at the university.

Has Richard Asiamah benefited from these acts of service?

The benefits of volunteering to serve his colleagues has been enormous. The most important is the blessings that he receives for helping others. Volunteering has also been a great learning experience. Richard says “I have learned how to multitask especially when planning and executing projects especially. He believes his teaching and leadership skills also continue to grow. Finally, Richard has earned a great reputation among his colleagues” it has contributed to the personality I want to build. It is helping with that.” 

Richard maintains that volunteering has a huge impact on national development. “This reduces the burden on the government and allows them to channel their funds to help other communities. “A single donation exercise may not seem to be much but remember that little drops of water make a mighty ocean.” 

Here are some words of advice from Richard, “It’s not all about money. Do something for the people around you especially when you have the skills and the funds.

Money is great but there are also other important things like building yourself, branding yourself. Volunteering along with your career path prepares you for a great career. It sharpens your skills and gives you the experience that you need. Most importantly, there are many blessings associated with helping wholeheartedly.”

Richard Kofi Mireku Asiamah is a final year student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he studies Electrical/Electronic Engineering. He is the Academic Board Chairperson for the Ghana Engineering Students’ Association and the PRO of the KNUST SRC Electoral Commission.

If you are a volunteer or student leader like Richard, how are you using your resources to help colleagues and those around you? We would like to hear from you on how you volunteer to help others. Reach out to us via here

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