Volunteer Stories: Giving Time to Help Young Ones Discover and Manifest Their Potential

Hannah Abrahams-Appiah is happiest when she sees lives transformed. She remembers a young boy she helped guide and mentor. He started out quite timid and shy but now he has blossomed into a young boy who is confident, passionate, and always ready to impact others. She glows with pride when she watches him teach classes, share his experiences, and positively influence his colleagues.

Hannah Abrahams-Appiah is overly passionate about helping young ones. Hannah is burdened when she sees lives which could be better remain below their potential. It is the major reason why she volunteers. So, she can use her skills and experiences to help young ones make the right choices to succeed in life. She expands “My vision is to educate young people. Once you educate people it eradicates ignorance and promotes transformation that allows them to fit into society.”

Currently, one thing that is dear to her is to encourage young people to develop the habit of reading. As an author, she distributes her books like Throwback, Stages and Get it Right to students in various schools and spends time helping them to read and understand the advice that her books convey. In addition to this, she monitors the impact of the books on the lives of students and to see whether they are making the right choices.

She is also a Missions Director at the Holy Worldwide Revival Missions and runs a program with her husband called Destiny Workshop where she helps young people discover their potential and counsels them towards manifesting these gifts to impact the lives of others.

For Hannah, volunteering isn’t a minor activity compared to any other task she engages in. She explains “I see it as God’s work. My caller and reward-er, is God and he gives me the energy, passion and skills to impact lives.” 

Even through the pandemic, Hannah continued to help young ones. She trained, counselled and mentored them through online means. This proved to be a blessing! She reached countless young people even more than she would have met during in-person sessions!

Hannah Abrahams-Appiah is a trained Environmental Scientist, Geologist, an author and a pastor. She has a wealth of experience in all these fields but she explains that, with her work as a volunteer, she constantly learns new things. One lesson that stands out is that “there are more people who need help and whenever we volunteer, we become a blessing to them, a solution to their prayer.”

Hannah interacting with some students at a school

As for the benefits of volunteering, they are enormous! Beside the internal joy and satisfaction that comes with helping others, volunteering builds Hannah’s network. She has also received recommendations and support due to volunteering. Even her children are benefiting because of her volunteer work! As she puts it “Volunteering or giving time is awesome and the ripple effect is generational.” The Best benefit of all, is the blessing she receives from God.

Hannah explains that sometimes as a volunteer, people will look down on the work you are doing. “Pay no heed to that. Keep your vision in mind and remember why you are doing what you are doing.” She reminds herself that “God wants me to do it.” She advises “You must always remember that volunteering comes with challenges. When you accept that and learn from other volunteers it makes it easy to overcome them. It builds your inner strength and tenacity.” 

On national development, Hannah explains “if you want to pay everyone for something to be done, there may not be enough resources.” The work of volunteers, clean ups, helping the aged, the sick and the poor contributes to solving part of the problem and reducing its magnitude. 

Here’s some counsel from Hannah Abrahams-Appiah, “As a young person be realistic. Find out the right knowledge about things. If you don’t, you will build expectations around perspectives that are not real, and it will be disastrous to your growth. 

Remember, volunteering is an opportunity to develop yourself. It is an opportunity to let others see the depth of wealth that God has deposited in you. Nobody will know what is within unless you volunteer to show it or share it with others. So, take advantage of volunteering. Serve others with your God-given gifts. Make life enjoyable for others.”

Hannah Abrahams-Appiah is a trained Environmental Scientist, Geologist, an author and a pastor.

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3 thoughts on “Volunteer Stories: Giving Time to Help Young Ones Discover and Manifest Their Potential

  1. Mummy Hannah is unrelenting even when you frustrate her attempt to help you. She’s passionate about getting young persons to discover and walk in God given purpose. Every young person needs a Pastor Hannah.

  2. Teacher Hannah makes teaching and reading fun. I didn’t like to read but she has made me understand that if you don’t read you don’t grow. Now I can boast of reading books from cover to cover. Keep impacting lives teacher Hannah.

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