Volunteer Stories: ‘Volunteering Pays and it’s Very Rewarding’ So Give Time!

Erica has always loved to help others but meeting her friends Philip and Akorfa changed her life forever. In her first year at the KNUST, Erica met Philip who introduced her to Young At Heart Foundation, an organisation that ensures school children in rural areas get access to literacy and digital skills. She volunteered with them at King Jesus Charity Home in Boadi, Kumasi and Anglican JHS where she taught children how to read and mentored them towards their future studies and career. It was an enjoyable and fun experience. From there Erica looked for more opportunities to volunteer. 

Her other friend, Akorfa, also introduced her to SpringUp Global Network an organisation that promotes quality education in orphanages and underprivileged schools. Here too, Erica volunteered to mentor students of Dichemso Primary on life choices as they progress on the education ladder. 

Erica has benefited a lot from all these volunteering activities that she has engaged in. Besides making friends with incredible friends like Philip and Akorfa, Volunteering has really helped Erica to harness her public speaking skills. She explains, “Public speaking is one main benefit that I have derived from volunteering.” Volunteering has also enhanced her interpersonal skills and improved her knowledge as a Social Work student. Erica adds, “Volunteering has affected my studies positively. It has boosted my confidence. I feel that I can do anything that I set my mind to.”

Of course, volunteering has not been all rosy. Erica explains sometimes volunteering is time consuming. However, this has taught her to balance her school life and volunteer work. “I can never stop volunteering because it’s fun and I love to give back to my community while meeting new people.” she says

Another reason why Erica volunteers is that she believes that it is one way through which she can contribute to developmental activities around her. “The government cannot do everything so sometimes we have to do things for ourselves. Volunteering provides that opportunity for us to act.” 

Here is some advice from Erica, “As young people, put the ideas that volunteering is boring and unrewarding away. That is false. Volunteering is enjoyable and pays a lot. It opens so many doors for you. You encounter people in your career path, you gain mentors and other people who can help you to achieve success. I definitely recommend volunteering if you want to achieve your dreams.”

Erica Amoasiwaa Aggrey is a second-year student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where she studies Sociology and Social Work.

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